Our Company

Our resource Burswood Information Solutions is a New Zealand based services and consulting company. We provide services in the IT sector however; we are not limited to the IT sector with transferrable skills based on business experience. We work in the project and asset management space providing services to which enable organisations to derive maximum business value from IT resources, with the lowest risk. Our business model is to maintain a core structure internally then work with trusted associates and companies to provide a full range of services our clients are seeking. This allows us to provide specific skills when required without the overhead of maintaining the skills in house. In turn this provides skill benefits and cost savings to our client.

Company Goals

The primary goals of the company are to provide to our clients:

  1. A vision of the future that meets their business needs and requirements.
  2. Services which enables the vision to be met in in a professional manner and which offer true value.
  3. Support, education and training to ensure the solutions are accepted and maintained into the future.

We appreciate the people who have chosen to come along with us on our journey. Our internal goals are to:

  1. Ensure we provide a safe, happy and comfortable environment.
  2. Provide the opportunity to grow professionally through education, training and experiences.
  3. Provide the environment that allows staff to advance within the organisation and be compensated accordingly.


Burswood Information Solutions has provided services across many industries including:

  • Military
  • Airline
  • FMCG
  • Telecommunications
  • IT Provider
  • Call Centre
  • Retail

This provides a breadth of experience that can be called upon to ensure the appropriate solutions are provided.


Daryl Frost is the Managing Director. He comes from a military background with experience across a number of industries.

Daryl is a certified PRINCE2 Practitioner, has an Assoc. Dipl Electronics from RMIT and multiple IAITAM qualifications, among others. He is passionate about project and asset management with a goal to increase awareness of the values and benefits, and use of the disciplines, in the Australasian region.