What We Bring

There has been plenty written and said about why projects fail, the associated psycho-analytics and so forth.
So we're just putting together a short list as to why you should use Burswood Information Solutions for management of your projects:

  1. Clearly Defined Deliverables - If you dont know where the goal posts are, how do you kick a goal!
    We put a lot energy into clarifying this as part of the intial charter/scope to ensure all parties are clear on why we are running the project

  2. Great Communication - We work on the principle that people make up what they aren't told.
    A good communication plan addresses the needs of the sponsors, stakeholders, project team, staff and wider community as necessary. We use all forms of media to assist comprehension. And we don't want to be seen as boring either!

  3. Strong Leadership - If you are looking for someone who can take on a project without hand holding - call us.
    Leading various resource personalities requires maturity in the role and understanding of personalities.

  4. Resourcing Management - Project members are often seconded from business roles but still expected to perform in that role. We advocate specific project resource but understand this is not always possible. We work with the organisation to make sure the resource survives the project, and the project is delivered on time.

  5. Time estimation - Accurate time for tasks can be an issue if Effort and Duration are not understood. We work on the principle of receiving input and commitment from resource (rather than dictating the time!) which provides a more accurate timeline and creates respect within the project.

  6. Scope Creep - Controlling scope creep comes down to utilising a number of the previous points. Clear and agreed deliverables, communication, accurate timing and strong leadership reduces the potential for scope creep. But things change - so we manage the differences too, so every one wins.

  7. Budget Management - Budget is always a major driver, so agreeing on the deliverables, resource and effort,scope management and holding it together with good leadership means we meet budget. Budgets are real and need to properly constructed and reported on from the start, which we will do for you.
Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan. - K. Tate

Industry Experience

Below is an example of the some the sectors we work in. Of course, this shouldn't be seen as the only industries but gives you an example of the breadth of experience we have available

  • Airline
  • Insurance
  • Defence
  • IT Service Provision
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Travel
  • Training delivery
  • Some Projects We've Led

    Projects budgets have ranged from $20k to $12M with varying dependent on project requirements.
    Project time frames have varied from 4 weeks to 3 years, dependent on scale and continuity requirements.
    A sample of project types includes:

    • Infrastructure projects:
      • SOE migration including desktop, server and network infrastructure across in Australia, New Zealand and into Europe and Asia with multiple concurrent deployment teams at remote sites.
      • The quantity of devices has varied between 50 and 10,000+ devices.
      • Office migrations including management of building services, power, cabling and technical facilities management.
      • Platform migration to physical and virtual environments including SAN and Blade technology.
      • Required to improve reporting performance (over 400% improvement!)
      • Blade build created using Symantec Altiris for build and CMDB compliance.

    • Software Projects:
      • Included business case development, design, COE definition, socialising, training, procurement management and implementations.
      • Enterprise ERP, Service and Asset Management Solutions for Service Providers, Contact Centres and Travel Operators.
      • End to end project management plus RFI/RFP process, technical, system and business consultation and design for corporate level applications.
      • Office migrations including management of building services, power, cabling and technical facilities management.
      • CMDB creation including integration and software licensing including scoping, design, audit and implementation.
      • Deployment of applications at server and desktop level.
      • Applications have included office, antivirus and enterprise applications suites.
      • Application upgrade including user training and communication.

    • Business Management projects:
      • IT Services Outsourcing from inception to completion.
      • Business case, RFI/RFP process management and vendor selection.
      • Strategy and business roadmap development, process and efficiency improvement, cost models, resource and technical constraints.
      • Align business and IT needs to improve efficiency and reduce business cost.
      • Development of common communications, strategy models and scorecards.
      • Development of common communications models and scorecards.
      • Defined and communicated to the business the value of IT.
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