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Imagine having a house being built by an unqualified builder or electrical work being carried out by an uncertified 'electrician'.

Would you ask a lawyer to do your financial accounting or a dentist to carry out eye surgery?

Quite rightly we demand people to be suitably qualified in their field of expertise and hold relevant certification in accordance with the demands of their role.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is no different, with the expectation resource should be suitably qualified to deliver their appointed services.

In the past those involved in ITAM had a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise. The skills set required has become more diverse, not less, requiring knowledge of technology, business process, procurement, vendor management and disposal, to name a few.
ITAM now requires a new category of professional having the breadth of knowledge and skills based on a common understanding of what ITAM is, what can be achieved as well as methodologies for developing and executing processes.

And one would think that astute business's would be demanding these skills as a means to obtaining the best value from their assets, and lowering the inevitable risk afflication of the modern technology age.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire - William Butler Yeats

Training is central to the ITAM investment, along with individual certification for recognition of those with the professional's commitment to continual education. Finding the right training, accepted throughout the industry and delivered by bona fide IT training specialists is key.

Burswood Information Solutions is an Accredited Training Organisation authorised by IAITAM® through APMG International®. The APMG International® rigorous ATO assessment and surveillance activities cover all trainers, courseware and quality management systems, enabling candidates to choose them with confidence and can be sure the vendor neutrality sought by IAITAM® is maintained.

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